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Services Offered:

Las Cruces Best Carpet Repair

Las Cruces' A Striking Image offers all types of carpet repairs.

  • Do you have bumps in your carpet? We can stretch or restretch your carpet.
  • Is your seam pulling apart or broken? We can reseam the carpet.
  • Is your tack strip showing or are you stepping on the tack nails? We can put the carpet to the edge or put a piece of carpet in to make that hole go away.
  • Did you install tile and now need to finish the edge where it joins that carpet? We can install tack strip or a z-bar to finish the edge or doorway.
  • Is the carpet not going to the edge of the wall? We can stretch it so the gap is gone.
  • Is carpet metal edge missing or broken? Yes we remove old metal edge and install a new one.
  • Do you have a koolaid stain? We can remove the stain.
  • Do you have a bleach mark? We can spot dye the bleached spot to make in blend in with the rest of the carpet.

Carpet that needs repair

Why should you call A Striking Image?

1. Trained repair technicians.
2. Prompt scheduled appointment.
3. Dependable service (if you've ever dealt with carpet installers you would understand)
4. Can repair and clean carpet with one call.
5. Can repair bleach marks by spot dyeing (if color was removed from carpet).
6. Red Stain removal (koolaid added color to carpet).
7. Can move your furniture to restretch your carpet.

A Striking Image offers free estimates and carpet inspections if you:

  • want a written estimate,
  • don't know if carpet can be cleaned,
  • have pet problems,
  • need carpet repair or restretching,
  • have special request or concerns,
  • need same day service.

Call 575-526-1227 to schedule your carpet repair
or a free no-obligation estimate today!

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