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Las Cruces Pet Odor and Stains Removal

Pets are part of the family and owning a pet is a wonderful part of life. Unfortunately, because of change in diet, environment or some other factor, your wonderful pet may have an accident. Now what! At the bottom of the page are some links should you want to attempt to solve the problem yourself. If you want a professional treatment, call A Striking Image for a free evaluation and estimate.

Pet urine stain / odor removal is not impossible, but the sooner the job is attempted, the greater the chance of success. If A Striking Image can remove the odor/stain, but the pet behavior has not been corrected, the customer will find his carpet with new pet problems to address.

The following is information to better understand this common household accident.

Pet stains and odor are 2 different problems:
  1. Pet stains are discoloration in the carpet fiber due to the acid in the urine. Whether staining occurs or not depends on:
    1. Acidity of urine - Pet urine ph varies from pet to pet and also within a pet depending on his diet.
    2. Type of carpet - Some stain resistant carpets repel the urine better than others. If the urine can not get into the carpet fiber dye sites then staining will not occur. Most carpet warranties from the manufacture will not cover stains due to pet urine.

    At A Striking Image, we will treat these spots and if the fibers have not been damage, we will remove the stains.

  2. Pet odors are cause by the breakdown of the protein in the urine. Typically cat urine has more protein and therefore produces stonger odors and more likely to cause staining. In order to remove the odor, the treatment needs to reach ALL the urine where ever it is.
The first order of business is finding the pet urine in the carpet. The urine can normally be found with a blacklight in a darken room.

The second step is to determine the level of severity: light, moderate, severe, or extreme.

In Light cases: A Striking Image will treat the spot with enzeymes to digest the odor and treat the stain. They will then flush the affected area and finally deodorize. This is done if the urine in only in the carpet and not in the pad and subsurface.

In moderate cases: A Striking Image will need to applying a liquid which can neutralize the effect of the urine acid on the carpet, and counter the odor at the same time. We will leave it to soak, then come back the next day and clean the area.

In severe cases: You may not want to know this but: A Striking Image will pick up the carpet, remove the pad, clean and seal the subfloor, clean front and back of carpet, install new pad and reinstall the carpet.

In extreme cases: If A Striking Image feels that you will be wasting your money, we will let you know that your only option is to replace the carpet and seal the subfloor.

You may be asking yourself: What can I do right now before A Striking Image arrives?

Absorb as much of the urine as possible onto towels or cloths. The more you absorb the greater the chance of effectively dealing with the stain and odor. Place a towel or cloth on the spot and press and hold to absorb the urine. You can also place a heavy object on towel. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the towel and put new towel on. Repeat until you are not getting any liquid.

Jose Salazar Cleaning Carpet Our Multi-Step Pet Problem Cleaning:
1. Conduct pet problem evaluation
2. Discuss your options and costs
3. Treats spots and odor
4. Remove pad (optional)
5. Seal subfloor (optional)
6. Clean Carpet
7. Install new pad (optional)
8. Install carpet (optional)

A Striking Image also offers free estimates and area inspections if you:

  • want a carpet or upholstery cleaning estimate,
  • have specialty area rugs to be cleaned,
  • have mold problems,
  • have special request or concerns,
  • need same day service,
  • need emergency water extraction service.

Call 575-526-1227 to schedule your cleaning or
a free no-obligation estimate today!

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