Carpet Repair / Stretching

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Before Carpet Repair

Carpet before Repair

Don't remove the torn carpet!

After Carpet Repair

Carpet after Repair

All Fixed and Looking Great!

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Las Cruces' A Striking Image offers all types of Carpet Repairs

  • Do you have bumps in your carpet? We can stretch or restretch your carpet.
  • Is your seam pulling apart or broken? We can reseam the carpet.
  • Is your tack strip showing or are you stepping on the tack nails? We can put the carpet to the edge or put a piece of carpet in to make that hole go away.
  • Did you install tile and now need to finish the edge where it joins that carpet? We can install tack strip or a z-bar to finish the edge or doorway.
  • Is the carpet not going to the edge of the wall? We can stretch it so the gap is gone.
  • Is carpet metal edge missing or broken? Yes we remove old metal edge and install a new one.
  • Do you have a koolaid stain? We can remove the stain.
  • Do you have a bleach mark? We can spot dye the bleached spot to make in blend in with the rest of the carpet.

Why should you call A Striking Image?


Trained repair technicians


Prompt scheduled appointment


Dependable service (if you've ever dealt with carpet installers you would understand)


Can repair and clean carpet with one call & can repair bleach marks by spot dyeing (if color was removed from carpet)


Red Stain removal (koolaid added color to carpet)


Can move your furniture to restretch your carpet

A Striking Image offers free estimates for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.
For Pet Treatment, Mold Treatment and Tile/Grout Cleaning, please call for an In-home Assessment Appointment.

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